The Knight's Code of Honor

About the Knight's Code of Honor

I am a Knight of God. God is my King.

Jesus is His firstborn Son.  

Jesus is the mediator between God and I.  Jesus shed his own blood to bring me, a sinner, into right relationship with God. Through Jesus I have forgiveness and access to God.  I have been bought with a price: The blood of Jesus, and I no longer belong unto myself, but unto Him. God has adopted me into His family as a Son and He has made me a King and Priest in His Royal Priesthood: Jesus is My LORD.

A Knight is subject to the Authority of God.

A Knight's conduct is honorable and right, and brings glory to God his King.

A Knight abstains from all Appearance of Evil.

A Knight speaks that which is right. A Knight keeps his word and He performs the things that he has spoken.

A Knight keeps himself pure in thought and deed.

A Knight has unshakable unwavering faith and trust in God his King. He knows that God is faithful and that God will always keep His word. He knows that God loves him and that God will never leave him or forsake him. He knows that God will provide him with the provisions and abilities that he needs in order to enable him to complete whatever task that God has assigned to him.

A Knight is as bold as a lion for he knows that God his King is always with him, and that God cannot fail.

A Knight never speaks anything that is against a lady's honor.

A Knight loves his wife with the same kind of love and devotion that the King's Son has for his bride. He honors her and serves her faithfully and it is His delight to meet all of her needs.

A Knight is mindful of his children. He places their well-being before his own.  He is there for them when they need him, and he faithfully meets all of their needs.

A Knight will not stand idly by when confronted with evil, but valiantly defends himself and others from the evil one.

A Knight is generous and gives to those who are in need.  He helps those who are weak that cannot defend themselves.

A Knight is humble and respects the rights of others. A Knight is diligent to be places at the appointed time. A Knight maintains His body in such a manner as to maximize its functionality and pleasantness.

A Knight is mindful to exercise wisdom, discretion, and understanding according to the wisdom bestowed upon him by God his King.

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